At Advanced External Solutions, we understand that our clients come to us when they need support and assistance. We aim to offer the most reliable and effective level of service with respect to water main and pipe repair and replacement services in Surrey and the South East of England. We have been operating for over 15 years and we know that our clients have a number of questions. Over the years, many questions have arisen time and time again, so we would like to provide you with the answer to these questions, which will hopefully put your mind at ease.

How long will my property be without water?

Unfortunately, the answer is unique to each case or project, so this is not something that we can provide a blanket answer for. The length of time your property will be without water will depend on the size and scale of the project. We will say that if engineers are carrying out new connections, you should expect to be without water for around 15 minutes.

How long will the entire job take?

Again, this is a question where the answer will depend on the size and scale of the project being undertaken. However, we aim to complete any residential supply work by the end of the working day. If this is a target that we will be unable to meet, we will advise you of this before we begin working.

Will I receive a guarantee for work carried out?

Yes. We are confident in the work that we undertake and we are more than happy to provide a full guarantee to all of our clients with respect to the work that we carry out.

Will there be any damage to my property due to my work carried out?

We are pleased to say that improved trenchless technology allows us to carry out work with a minimal amount of damage to your driveway or garage.

Who holds responsibility for my water supply pipe?

With respect to the water supply pipe from the boundary of your property to the internal stop valve, the responsibility for the water supply pipe lies with the property owner.

Will I have to inform my water supplier?

No. After we conclude our work, we provide you with self-certification and we will send a copy of this certificate to the water supplier.

Services we can supply for you:

  • Gas and electrical supplies
  • Moling
  • Find and fix services
  • Lead supply replacement
  • Full site survey
  • Repair or replace your outdated water supply

We hope these answers put your mind at ease, but if you have any further questions you would like answered, get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer them.