Water is one of the most important resources in the world, and it plays a massive role in ensuring your home and loved ones are well looked after. At Advanced External Solutions, we recognise the importance of having a good supply of water to your home, and this means ensuring that your water pipes are in great condition. It can be easy to neglect or forget about your water pipes as they are out of sight, which often means out of mind. However, leaks or corrosion in water pipes can cause a great deal of problems and many homeowners don’t realise that they have a responsibility for some of the pipework that connects to their home. We know that not every homeowner is aware of this fact, which is why we are keen to provide as much support, assistance and guidance as possible to all of our customers.

We provide effective solutions for water supply issues

If your water supply is coming through in fine order, you aren’t going to spend too much time worrying about your pipes or your water. People only really think about their water supply when problems arise, and worryingly, if your water pipes are defective, problems can arise quite quickly. There are many different reasons why water pipes can become defective and because pipes are held underground, there is a need to check on these pipes. Sometimes it is just standard wear and tear that causes issues with your pipe, and water supply pipes have an average life span. If you didn’t receive information about your pipes when you bought your home, it may be that the pipes are older and in poorer condition than you would think. This is where we can help.

We help you care for the water pipe that is your responsibility

The main issue to be aware of with respect to water pipes is the fact that your water company owns and maintains the supply and services up to the boundary of your home. This means that if there is a leak or issue to the water pipe within the boundary of your property, you are responsible for resolving the issue. This is why you need to call on the experts and if you are having issues with your water supply, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you out.

We are here to help

We know that many property owners worry about water pipes and what responsibilities they have with respect to their water pipes. At Advanced External Solutions, we are here to help you stay in full control of your property.

You can trust Advanced External Solutions because:

  • We provide assistance for the water pipe section you are responsible for
  • We have a team of highly professional and experienced engineers
  • We use the best standard of equipment
  • We can be with you at short notice
  • We can evaluate all potential problems and issues
  • We are here to provide support and guidance at all times

If you need support and assistance with respect to your water pipes and supply, contact Advanced External Solutions.